2819 Tiger Lake Rd, Lake Wales, FL 33898
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Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Our location offers several indoor and outdoor spaces that can be used for different purposes according to the needs of each group. From an outdoor yoga studio or open-air conference space; to a large key-note or dining hall, each space offers something unique that will make your event memorable.

Dining halls

We offer two areas perfectly suited for private dining and adjacent to our commercial grade kitchen. Each dining hall fits up to 120 guests and tables can be easily arranged to meet the requirements and needs of your group.

The Mall

Our 10,000 sq. ft. hall that we call ‘The Mall’ is the perfect place for large group gatherings or key notes. It offers a full-size stage, stage lights, backstage, and space for approximately 600 people sitting conference style.

Small Groups Gathering Spaces

We offer two spaces with a capacity for 30 to 50 guests, perfect for breakout sessions. One of these spaces is an air-conditioned wooden cabin, while the other is an open-air hut. Both have a unique and special feel, easy to adapt depending on the nature of the meeting taking place.

Nature Areas

Because of the nature of our location, many groups appreciate and value having outdoor areas to gather. Hundreds of grandfather oaks conform our spectacular forest. This perfect outdoor space offers an incredible ambiance ideal for many gatherings. Moreover, the heart of our camp is called ‘Inco Park’. An outdoor area in the center of our facilities with a distinctive feel and vibe. It offers a circular-like shape and a wooden stage, which makes it versatile and unique.

Sports’ Field

Our location offers a large sports’ field adaptable to many sports like soccer, football, baseball, ultimate frisbee, etc. We accommodate several sports team that choose our location as the perfect setting for practice, physical training and teamwork.


Our semi-olympic pool has a capacity for 55 people at a time. It is the perfect place for your group to unwind.

Lagoon and Lake

Our camp sits in the shore of the magnificent Tiger Lake. Its views and nice breeze is present everywhere in our camp. The is an internal lagoon that gives our camp private access to the lake, which is perfect for boat launching, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, paddling, etc.